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We got trouble right here in River City, with a capital T that rhymes with C and that stands for CHASE
Chasing Chase is like catching a wave



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Let's talk about practicing law. Anyone who has anything to say about foreclosures these days seems to feel it is necessary to explain that they are not practicing law, they are not lawyers, and their advice should not be relied upon. That states the obvious. If you want a lawyer, hire one, sign a contract and pay the person.

Anybody with a computer can read We have not been hired by the billions of people with computers to represent them and be their lawyer. Use what you find on these pages to take on the crooked banks. Let them never forget the sorry day they turned into panderers, cutthroats and thieves. We are not your lawyer.

Anything you send on the Internet is not confidential. It would be safer to stand on a busy street corner and announce your darkest secrets at the top of your lungs, since those people would think you were crazy. On the Web there are thousands of furtive people hired by government agencies and corporations - fictitious persons - precisely for the purpose of intercepting e-mails and feeding on every last excruciating detail misrepresented on the Web. If you ever want to moon the government or the banks, just paste your jolly pumpkins in an email and send it to anyone. Ferrets in cubbyholes will meticulously record it, dutifully file it in their hole, or tunnel, and report it to various subterranean levels of chiefs.

If you want to form a relationship of trust, meet face-to-face in broad daylight. Shake hands; make eye contact.

What do you think?

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