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Payment flexibility for your business’ goods, travel, services and more.

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Your business wants a modern, scalable payment solution to keep pace with the speed of digital innovation. That’s where virtual card fits in. J.P. Morgan Virtual Cards accelerates your business with a flexible, rewarding way to efficiently manage and securely make payments beyond procurement—like business travel and lodging, one-off purchases, services, and more.

  • Flexible

    Use your virtual card in more ways to make payments instantly to businesses and individuals—from online and mobile to software integrations and contactless payments.

  • Value-driven

    Optimize your working capital, reduce your check-cutting costs and earn more money back for your business when you use the leading U.S. Visa and MasterCard commercial card issuer.1

  • Efficient

    Save time with automatic payment disbursements and reconciliation consolidation while also reducing personal card reimbursements.

  • Secure

    Help reduce fraud when you leverage modern, digital payments like singleuse or reusable card numbers with extensive controls.

Easily connect with customizable solutions

  • Support for you and your suppliers

    Focus on what matters most—your business.
    Let J.P. Morgan help recruit, manage and retain your suppliers.

  • A growing network of software integration options

    Access more ways to pay with virtual card with seamless API integrations across a variety of software platforms.

  • Capabilities designed for ease of use

    From digital onboarding and implementation to virtual AI-powered self-service tools, we move fast to deliver customized solutions when and where you need them. 



The world is changing, and payments are changing with it.

Finding new ways to maximize cashflow, while streamlining manual processes, is imperative for every business.

Let us help you achieve your goals with J.P. Morgan Virtual Card.

Because you deserve the best.

Our solution is simple, streamlined, and digital.

Convert paper to digital payments.

Simplify and automate your accounts payable process.

Reconcile online, reduce expense reimbursements, and increase rebates to improve your bottom line.

All with virtually 0% fraud.

Just tell us the payments you need to make, we take care of the rest – by creating a digital, one-time card number, delivered directly to your specific supplier for the specific amount, with the specific time frame.

Your suppliers process payments.

You receive reporting for easy reconciliation.

Let us focus on your digital payments, so you can focus on your business.

Virtual Card with J.P. Morgan Payments.

Empowering your business to thrive.



Nilson Report, Issue 1176, June 2020.

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